Hom Mali Rice

Hom Mali Rice is the highest quality Thai rice. It is categorized of Indica type. This grain is long ,slim, silky and smooth. After cooked, it will be tender, soft and fragrant aroma. The taste of this rice is very delicious.

Jasmine Rice

Which is nearly identical to Thailand’s popular, top-quality Hom Mali Rice but said to be less fragrant and less photo-sensitive than Hom Mali rice.Also it’s a year round crop and can be grown in an easier way. When cooked, the rice kernels have a tender texture.

White Rice

“White Rice” is generally of the long grain Indica type. It is also known as polished or milled rice because the husk and bran are removed from the kernel during milling process.

Brown Rice

“Brown Rice” or “Cargo Rice” is categorized to the Indica type. The difference between brown and white rice. Milling process removed both the husk and the bran layer of the kernel, brown rice becomes white rice. It has very high fiber and vitamins, especially the B-complex group.

Parboiled Rice

“Parboiled Rice” is yellowish rice which has been steamed and produced by a process of soaking in order to dissolve the nutrients from the bran. It is the source of natural vitamins and minerals.

Black Glutinous Rice

“Black Glutinous Rice” While it is most commonly thought to be black, the bran of black sticky is actually a deep and rice burgundy colour, it is an unpolished whole grain rice that has a sweet nutty and earthy taste.

Glutinous Rice

“Thai Glutinous Rice” , “Sticky Rice” or “Sweet Rice” is grown up in Northern and Northeastern region in Thailand. Most of people in these regions consume with their cuisine. Glutinous Rice or Sticky Rice is used for desserts.

Japanese Rice

“Japanese Rice” ,”Japonica Rice” or “Round Rice” It is one of the most full flavored rice. One cooked, the grains are flexible and stick together, so short grain rice is particularly cooked such as puddings, rice balls, croquettes and risotto.

Broken Rice

During the milling process, “Broken Rice” is derived from the White Rice. It is short, low grade of rice and cheaper than long grain White Rice. Broken Rice is used in animal’s food, beer brewing, flour processing and breakfast cereals.


Our Sugar comes from the best strains of sugar cane and produced in accordance with the production standard of the Ministry of Industry. The natural processes of filtration and crystallization are utilized to eliminate contaminants, impurities including colors without any bleaching agent.